Go For Croak (1969)

A clumsy bird named Crazylegs Crane is chasing Toro and Pancho for a meal. When the two frogs arrive to the room full of bottles containing nitroglycerine in the small house, the two frogs thought they could trick the bird by pretending to drink it by filling empty nitroglycerine bottle with water, but Pancho accidentally switched the bottle with real nitroglycerine, and the bird saw Toro drinking it and bird didn't want him to blow up, and let the the toads do what ever they want. The bird took frogs to Havanna, and bird went to Las Vegas after frogs arrived at Havanna. Two frogs happily danced, and blew up! The frogs, instead, arrived at Heaven!

  • Hawley Pratt

  • John Dunn

Release Date: 1969-12-25
  • Language: en
  • Runtime: 6
Λίστες Favorite
Larry D. Mann
Larry D. Mann
Crazylegs Crane (voice)
Don Diamond
Don Diamond
Toro (voice)